Roaches By Camille Gallery

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It’s been said that the quality is in the details.  This has never been more true then in a handcrafted porcupine roach by Camille Michaels.

It all starts with using only the best guard hair available and then hand sorting each hair to length, that’s right each hair is hand sorted.  This ensures that the roach tapers properly from the front to the back.  And unlike some other roach makers. Camille doesn’t keep the longest hair for her own use but seeks out the longest hair possible for her customers.

Next comes tying.  Hobbyist and “assembly line” roach makers know that the larger the hair bundle, the faster you get done.  Quality goes out the window.  Camille uses smaller bundles, double knotted, NEVER glued.  Not only does this help maintain uniformity, but it is also the traditional method.